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This page is dedicated to all of the students of Wing Chun Science. However, some students have been so gracious enough as to write down their personal feelings and experience with the art and its teacher/coach/sifu.

Joseph Anthony Musse III

My whole life my father has been the SAME, exact way with every person he encounters. If you want to not only learn from a martial artist who has been doing this his whole life , but someone who has integrity and will give his all to his new students just as much as he would friends and family. This is the place to be.


I have trained with amazing coaches around the country to further my MMA career and no coach compares to my father in the way that his mindset is completely different and the way he draws parallels between our real life struggles and everything he teaches in his class is incomparable. Only a master of his own mind can tap into the mind of his students and find a way to light the fire in them to keep coming to class and change their life in more ways than one.


At WCS we work on more than just the physical growth  of our students but the mental and spiritual side of everyone that walks through our doors because we believe that everyone deserves a second chance and that if you change YOUR life, you can change another persons life too and continue the cycle.


Although I am a little biased, you can ask any of Sifu’s students and they will all tell you the same thing about him. He loves God , loves his family, and loves to use martial arts to change people’s life. In my opinion, best teacher/ head coach in the world and the best father ! -- 

Toren Velez

"So for starters, I've been with Sifu Joseph Musse since 2012, that should already tell a little bit of how I feel about Sifu Musse, his art Wing Chun Science, and honestly the way Sifu Musse delivers his knowledge to his students is still the best I have personally come across.


I thought before I met Sifu Joseph Musse that I had a well rounded understanding of fighting in general from my experiences of fights throughout my life and at the time freshly discharged from the Marine Corps I felt like I knew way more than I actually did, right! Well from day one of training with Sifu Joseph Musse I quickly realized not only did I not know enough which is a big part of why I sought out other martial arts upon leaving the military any way, I also knew there was more to what I already had and Boy.!! was I right about that when I met Sifu J. Musse the quality of knowledge I've received over the years from Sifu Joseph Musse's is far beyond anything is thought was actually possibly for me to come across his patience his skillset and finesse, his confidence, his strength, his depth of knowledge, Sifu Musse always had me jaw dropped by it all and almost 10 yrs later, I am still in shock and awe when ever I attend Sifu's class, Look long story short friends finding Sifu Joseph Musse has been nothing short of an amazing real life Kung Fu Journey that I wish I documented to turn it into my own personal kung fu Movie.


Listen friends, whatever it is that you're seeking to gain through a martial arts whether its to finally learn that awesome skill you always wanted, make kung fu a lifestyle or that outlet to release your daily stresses, Sifu Joseph Musse is the best instructor/ coach to go to and learn from. Sifu Musse has completely exposed me to a whole new way of living and thinking for the better maybe you can be the next."

Tyran Moore

My first encounter with Sifu Joseph Musse II was something I prayed a very long time for.


Sifu is a Teacher, mentor, father, brother and friend.


Who is very kind, warm, charismatic and articulate. He is always joyful no matter where he is. Especially when he is around his students.

Our first one on one lesson Sifu was explaining the Wing Chun Kali System and he went into this whole deep science and algebra talk. Speaking on the “X,Y,Z axis of a scale graph and the physics and biology of the human anatomy. Then he randomly tosses in some Kung Fu Panda Ougwa spiritual type stuff about chi/ kinetic energy. Honestly right there I was completely blown away. I had found the secret sauce that I had been searching for.

Sifu Joseph Musse II is a down his face on the floor. Face in a puddle of his own mucus and tears sobbing. Screaming YAHUAH and YAHUSHA HA’MASHIACH name on the top of a frozen mountain peak type of follower. Another reasons why I was completely blown away.

To sum it up, this is the realist Martial Arts out there in existence, and meeting Sifu has been one of, if not currently the best experience I ever had. He is genuine, up right and a man of great integrity. Spending HUNDREDS of hours with him, one on one and his consistency of character in, “what you see is what you get”, has stayed COMPLETELY, with full emphasis, the same the entire time without waver and with full potency he’s the same “regular old Joe”, as he likes to say.


Sifu Joseph Musse II is a blessing and not just to me but to the Martial Arts Community and to the whole entire word itself. He changed my life forever.

This was fate.

Hasan Umar

"Ever since I met my Sifu Joseph Musse my life has changed for the better. I met Sifu 3 years ago coming from a studious and business background just wanting to learn to survive a combat situation if God forbid either my loved ones or I were to be threatened.


Not only did I learn to fully and capably learn to survive those situations, but have used his philosophy in all phases and aspects of my life to become a better businessman, son, brother, uncle, friend and companion.


Sifu Joseph Musse extends himself further than the normal mentor/teacher to make sure not only are you proficient in the art of combat, health and self defense, but also have the confidence and high self esteem one needs to comport him/herself successfully in this world.


Sifu's explanations and teaching methods which he is highly immersive in are great for anyone and everyone willing to put in work to better themselves; he is easy to understand and breaks down complicated survival techniques down to its ABC's so a child could understand.


Sifu Joseph gets into the trenches with you and that is not normally something we see from coach’s/teachers. It's been and continues to be an honor to be his student/disciple for as long as he is teaching ill be learning."

Sameer Abedrabbo

"As far as the testimonial goes you're a great mentor and role model to me. Since I started I have moments were I think of you and what you would do if you were in my shoes and that helps me put things in perspective. I see you as a friend, father figure and coach.


'You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink' is something I think about. I had to get myself to come out to you and train. You have the  resources I need to get me to where I need to go."


Eric Lee

When I was 15, I had to make a decision between art and martial arts. I decided to go with the art and I am a designer now.


I am a very active person and I love to play sports, leisure sports, something that makes your heart very extremely hard. I've been watching UFC, Boxing, Ju-jitsu, Taekwondo, and most of the mixed martial arts. It was one of my little hobbies I was enjoying.


Then, I met Joseph while doing some research after I decided to start learning martial arts. He is the greatest teacher/coach/sensei/Sifu/trainer ever met. I had few trainers and coaches before when I did Taekwondo or work-out. He explains everything in an easier way that I can understand and every time he teaches me, I can tell he is enjoying it.


I think the most important part of being a coach is about their enthusiasm. You can have my word that he is a real person who loves to teach his students and enjoy their job. He will make you physically and mentally strong. I love the classes with 100% satisfaction and I am proud of myself that I found him for my sensei.-- 


Justin Alberto

First off I am grateful to write this testimony for this has been a long desire of learning the ART coming true. It is a major blessing to not only be able to learn the art Sifu teaches but having Sifu Joesph Musse II as the one who is teaching. I have never had any previous MMA/Defense classes experience prior to our encounter. That is because I knew once the right time and moment comes I will attract and meet the right mentor, Sifu, teacher that will guide me correctly. I have known Sifu for about a month now, and since day 1 I knew it was time. Not only because I was super excited to finally tap into this realm, but the fact that I knew I have found the right Sifu, mentor, teacher I needed and wanted.


The way Sifu goes over every detail down to the T, step by step, making sure he does whatever it is to have to better yourself physically, mentally, and also spiritually. This may be going a little out of category because I know most people think of this as "fighting." To me it has much more deeper meaning. Yin Yang if you will. Ultimately growth. 


I am truly thankful for Sifu Joseph Musse II as I will continue  remaining a student of Wing Chun Science. As I know this will help me grow amongst other aspects of life into the person I already know I am. To do that you must surround yourself with those who will bring out the best in you and Sifu Joseph Musse II is a high example of becoming better versions of ourselves day in and out with all the fine inner divine qualities of habits and decision making. Thank you. Everyone stay blessed. 

Mo Islam

I believe everything happens for a reason, and there is no such thing as coincidence. I have been hungry to get into the world of MMA for a long time since I ended my wrestling career in high school, and I began searching for a place to help me get back on this journey.


The gyms I began looking into were not what I was looking for, seeming to only pump people in for their class fees and not caring about if they learned or not. I think I was meant to have trouble finding my gym, because I had interacted with one of sifu's students (and son) by chance at their barbershop, talking about how I wanted to begin training again.


I have not looked back since, and found a Sifu that genuinely cares about my growth and ability to eventually protect myself if need be. His passion for the art is contagious and has made me consider competing in the future. As a physical therapy student, having a Sifu so knowledgeable about the biomechanics behind the art as well as the anatomy is so amazing.


I am proud to say I have found a new home with WCS. --

Brendan Kortz

When I first walked past WCS I saw a group of fearless fighters that are beyond my skill set. In fact, I never imagined I’d be joining the class. Thankfully, Joseph was kind enough to talk with me and the next day I was in the gym. 


Flash forward a couple weeks, I’ve never felt more welcome and apart of a team in my life. Jospeh’s been the best coach I’ve ever had and JoJo pushes me to my limits each and everyday. Their combination of coaching is unmatched. It feels like a family rather than a gym. 


2 weeks ago I didn’t even know how to throw a jab, thanks to Joseph and his team I feel a lot more comfortable in the sport and self defense situations. 

Ayden Vargas

Going into WCS for the first time I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to get in fighting. But after trying the class out. I knew that I would want to continue. They were very welcoming. When you sign up it doesn’t feel like you’re joining a class, but it feels like you're joining a family.


They’re teaching style is great and you could learn a lot about in just a short amount of time. They encourage you to work hard and they also push you to be the best. With the help of WCS, I have fallen in love with the sport and would want to pursue it more.


Let's Work Together

Reach out to begin your new journey towards a better, more equipped, confident, stronger, faster, leaner and aware YOU!

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