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Joseph Musse II
I’m a husband, father, author, producer, director, entrepreneur, business owner, digital artist and Martial Arts Instructor of Wing Chun Science.

Wing Chun Science is an amalgamation, crystallization, coalescence and distillation of several arts; whereby the Wing Chun Kali System (WCKS) is the nucleus of it all. WCKS was founded by my father and Sifu, Joseph Musse Sr. I personally, purposely and purposefully have focused primarily more on the "Wing Chun" portion of “Wing Chun Kali System”, for no other reason than the simple fact that Wing Chun is the art that I fell in love with since the moment I was out of diapers and learning how to walk, almost 50 years ago.

I teach Wing Chun solely for street combat and survival purposes. In my class, students learn how to get physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for what I call the "relentless on switch”, in which the mindset of the "ordinary" individual becomes the mindset of an extraordinary combat-street-ready warrior!

Body conditioning, strengthening and reshaping are almost all exclusive added bonuses and most certainly unquestionable byproducts to the learning of the system itself; and almost always gets students more mentally and physically stronger than they would have ever imagined.

Aside from the actual Wing Chun Kali System itself, we teach WCS® boxing, WCS® grappling, WCS® strength & conditioning and our WCS®  Mixed Martial Arts, which are all essential tenants of the "mix it up" philosophy and ideology that I subscribe to in my everyday life.

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Joseph (JoJo) Musse III
I’m a traditional and digital artist; I'm a Mixed Martial Artist, entrepreneur and martial arts instructor of Wing Chun Science. While being a Martial Artist is a facet of who I am, I like to sum it all up without labeling anything, by just saying what I am period - a fighter. It's not just what I do, it's who I am, it's what I love.

I was born into a family steeped in martial arts and combat fighting, and have myself, in my 20 years living, been practicing, competing, learning, growing and testing my fighting prowess, since the ripe age of three.

My father is my coach, and has been since birth; and my grandfather is my father's coach, and has been since birth.​ There's never been a time in my life where fighting wasn't part of it.

Although I'm an instructor of Wing Chun Science; I'm also simultaneously pursuing my career in Mixed Martial Arts. To be clear, although my choice is to engage in Mixed Martial Arts as a sport, I would continue to learn, grow and teach in the Wing Chun Science system.

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