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Combat Training

Build a stronger, faster, confident & empowered you

COACH/INSTRUCTOR - Wing Chun Science

Joseph is a husband, father, martial arts instructor, author, business owner life coach. He's been in the martial arts arena for almost 50 years and teaching for more than 20 of those years. He teaches MMA Fighters, Boxers, Grapplers, General Martial Artists and those simply looking to defend themselves. His oldest son is a Mixed Martial Artist.

Coach Joseph Musse II made this video specifically for you! The person that can't afford to go to a martial arts school. The person looking to cut through all of the politics and red tape needed to just learn how to defend themselves. The individual stuck at doing the same things day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year in their school - never learning how to just prepare themselves for real-world combat situations. 

Coach Joseph Musse II has truly simplified his almost 50 years of training, to an amazing straight-to-the-point teaching in this video! His articulation, descriptive analogies, explanations, passion and heart for the viewer truly show and shine through the video.

His belief and reason for making this video so affordable, is not because the value isn't fully there! No, the reason is because you are the value. He made this one time, low-cost-video, so that no one would be without excuse, should they ever need to defend themselves. His passion is to teach those looking to learn.

So whether you're a complete beginner and have never fought in your life or someone who has done martial arts for years or even someone that competes in fighting competitions for money or as a living -- this is for you!

Do yourself or friend or family member a favor... make the tiny investment to purchase the downloadable video - it's several teachings (exercises and drills) packed into one video.

We're selling this downloadable video for the cost of lunch!

Talk is cheap!!!

Everyone claims that they care for you and your safety. Everyone claims that if you join their school, you'll be able to defend yourself one day in the future (after paying for belts, certificates, going for trophies and rankings). However, they still want to charge you a ridiculously high monthly cost (whether online or in person) to teach you how to defend yourself.

We all know that the world is upside down and full of people just waiting to hurt you and/or your family! Waiting to ONE DAY learn how to defend yourself could be TOO LATE.

What you need is someone to show you something you can learn and apply NOW!

Whether you're a professional or amateur fighter; already part of a self-defense class; a mom, dad, child, adult, male, female, pacifist, or a person with absolutely no self-defense or no Martial Arts experience at all...

The drills and exercises here in this downloadable video have been distilled, crystalized and simplified to its foundational bases; completely reduced to its core essentials - All without losing the potency of its applications!

You owe it to yourself to defend you and your loved ones from the harsh realities of what could be - a brutal world.

Don't be a victim. Be prepared.

Click/tap on the "PURCHASE" button to order your downloadable video now.  Learn methods, principles and techniques that NO ONE else is teaching!!!

  • Protect yourself

  • Build steel-like knuckles

  • Create bone crushing shins

  • Develop indestructible wrists for punching

  • Develop stronger body

  • Become more confident

  • Make your body a fighting machine

  • Apply fighting principles to everything

  • Harness your mental toughness

  • Develop stronger punching power

  • Always be in the best fighting position

Learn how to...

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