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Direct Number: 321-313-8725

Toren D. Velez
I’m a Marine Veteran, a father, a cook, a writer, performer and last but not least, a proud and passionate Martial Artist.

I Currently reside in Palm Bay, Florida. I'm a student of the 

Wing Chun Kali System, a martial art that I've been a practitioner and student of since 2012 - 8 years now, under the tutelage and teachings of Sifu Joseph Musse II.

In all honesty, I choose Wing Chun upon leaving the military. I searched for the right martial art to continue my combative training and further my overall skills to become a combat arts instructor.


Eventually I was introduced to Wing Chun Kung Fu by another Marine brother, viewing YouTube videos, and of course, watching the first Ip Man movie. Never mind the fact my dad and I watched all the Bruce Lee movies, and tons of other old school Kung Fu flicks, which is what originally inspired my journey.


This journey of searching and looking for the art that would fulfill my undying quench, is what led me to find my Sifu via YouTube. I took a shot at emailing him with the email address on the video, and here I am today; still by my Sifu's side, now as a disciple with a mission to help change minds and lives all around the world, bringing people together, one person at a time.

I truly believe in and live by the motto Sifu Joseph Musse II has espoused and lives in his everyday life - "Change your mind Change your life!"

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