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Digital Download - Workout, Meal-Plan & PDF Book

Nothing spectacular or crazy or outlandish! It’s more about the consistency day-in and day-out. Being consistent is key and paramount to the success of this or any dietary pattern one must follow in order to see the results.

Conversely, the same is exactly true on the flip side of the diet. One did not get ill, sick, sluggish, achy, heavy, acidic or the like overnight. On the contrary… Little by little, poor eating and lack of exercises, has slowly and insidiously crept into our bodies - ultimately imprisoning us to our demise.

One of the things that I do at least twice a year - is a detox. There are many detox kits, systems and protocols out there in the world. You would have to choose the right one for you. And since I am NOT a medical doctor, you would need to consult with one to implement what I do in my own life. Remember, this downloadable video/meal-plan/digital book/vitamins & minerals package is a response to the question I have been getting for years - “How do you stay in such good shape? Especially at your age?” So we must remember that this is a snapshot of what I, Joseph Musse II, takes and does, in order to have maintained both the physiologically internal and physically external results.

It’s important to note that the birth of this package was simply to try and help people get answers that can be applied in their lives, in hopes that they too can live a life of health. Everything in this whole package happens to be the workouts, dietary and nutritional lifestyle that has personally worked exceptionally well for me.

Also, since everyone has their own unique physiology and obviously distinct history that would all play major factors in the overall current state of your health and wellbeing. Without a specific history of where you stand today regarding your health, it’s impossible to make a full clean swoop and blanketed statement that covers all of the health benefits of everyone downloading this package. Please be sure to see your medical doctor about the diet, supplements and workouts as defined here in this package.

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