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Anytime someone tells you that you're dumb, stupid, foolish, racist, brainless or idiotic based on their OWN concept or definition of what that means to them... that's the obvious and clear sign that they are 100% full-on BULLIES!!!

Not only are they bullying you... but they're essentially saying that they're smarter, better and much more enlightened than you are. If you're not thinking or moving in the same direction as they are; you're basically a primate with half a brain that hasn't fully evolved into their fully enlightened status in life.

First thing you need to do before anything else is:

1. Try and stay away from their toxic, venomous, destructive path and let them drown in their own pretentious, self-absorbed, narcissistic, high-and-mighty poison

2. If they truly want to encroach on and into your life, ostracizing and antagonizing you... you MUST confront them! "Confront" doesn't have to mean "fight" physically. Although, if that's where they want to take it, then you may have to oblige. I'm saying "confront" in that you need to converse once and for all with this bigoted, biased, intolerant bully, who's main reason for living is to tell you and everyone else like you, how they're so smart and above you, and that if you favor a certain food, religion, party, book, movie, car or whatever, that they don't... you're a loser!

3. You better enroll yourself in a self defense school, where you'll not only learn how to defend yourself physically, but you'll also build the right tools needed to confidently defend yourself verbally!

BULLIES - They're Not Just In Schoolyards Anymore

Wing Chun Science

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