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Florida, 2 Day Workshop


Learning how to "fight" or accomplishing a new "technique" that's super cool, isn't where the Wing Chun Science school stops.

With 3 published books:

  • The Super Power of Decisions: You are where you are today - quite frankly because you decided to

  • Bullies: They're not just in schoolyards anymore!

  • The Mind of Wing Chun: Developing Little Ideas

It's not difficult to see how the author and founder of the Wing Chun Science, combat self-defense school, has his mind on more than just physical fighting. His mission is to use the art of Wing Chun Science to empower people to walk more confidently and self-assured in everything they do!

His teaching develops and strengthens the symbiotic union between the mind and body. One may never get into a physical altercation, and that's his hope. However, the realities of life, along with the insidious and sometimes treacherous cards that have been dealt to us all; he believes it is our responsibility and human duty to develop ourselves in every way; mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

This Florida seminar is for everyone wanting an advantage in life!

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