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We turn on the tv, check out the fights, see the fighters, enjoy the fights; we even judge the fights and the fighters. One thing we sometimes neglect to do is see how the fighters got to where they are. How did they get that fight? Was the road to UFC easy, difficult or exciting for them?

This video is but a small compilation of JoJo "Switch" Musse and just a handful of his fights, sparring and training. As a youngster, at the time of this reading, only 20 years of age... JoJo has been fighting all of his life it seems. The moment he turned the legal age to fight in a cage, he took it! Not only was he brand new in the MMA arena, brand new in the sport itself, but most people believed he was too young and too green to even fight. Most imagined he should fight by 24 years of age.

JoJo never took the easy route. And through hard work, dedication and perseverance, not only did he take his first fight - he won!

This video showcases a small handful of JoJo's journey, which will one day land him a title shot and ultimately become champion in the UFC.

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