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Train the way you're going to fight!

Although there’s literally NO need to mention or preface with what I’m about to say. HOWEVER, these are ignorant times, so I’m compelled to preface by saying... Boxers have punching bags, mma fighters have ground & pound grappling-dummy-bags, Mui Thai fighters have banana trees, etc. etc.

Now we ALL KNOW that nobody’s getting in a cage/ring/street fight with any of those developmental pieces of equipment, right?

Well, just like those other arts, Wing Chun has The Wooden Dummy OR Mook Jong. Which, yes, we know we're not "fighting" it. Rather, we're using it for development.

Now that we got all that out of the way... Hope you can watch, listen, learn and grasp the objective of this video.

Enjoy 🙏

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