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When EX-BUSINESS ASSOCIATES become unbalanced, unstable, emotional & seethingly vengeful

One of the most important things anyone can do in their lives is to have, uphold and keep their integrity.

Many years ago, I wrote a book that touched on the subject of integrity. Many people connected with the message because it was written from a real life, true story perspective.

In a nutshell, there are some things in life we can try to accommodate, negotiate and allow room for - Integrity is not one of those things. This is going to be true with family, friends, spouses, significant others, co-workers, siblings, acquaintances and even your neighborhood supermarket cashier.

I live by the motto, "Treat others as you would like to be treated." That means that if you're giving respect, honor, civility, consideration, admiration, loyalty and esteem to others, you would hope for reciprocation.

When you're not getting what you put in, and more specifically, are receiving deceit, disrespect, despondency, ghosting, lack of communication and overall ingratitude - this is when you have an absolute choice to make. This choice isn't even really about them. This choice is about you.

How much do you value yourself? What do you think you're worth?

Regardless of the price one may think they have to pay for leaving, NOTHING on planet earth should ever keep you in any relationship that doesn't reciprocate what you've generously sown. If you have an ounce of integrity, you would simply walk away. A real person of integrity will be just fine after walking away - integrity has a way of preserving you.

"So what in the world is this article about? What's with title?"

Great questions!

You see... I've worked with quite a few business and have definitely been around familiar spirits. The same "type" of people that just can't contain their demons. These are the narcissistic despots that think my kindness can be taken for weakness - not knowing that it's actually my power.

Listen, I work hard, I work smart, I have multiple skillsets, am creatively gifted, technically savvy, clearly articulate and communicative, with a professional prowess that I'm proud to say is my blessing. I don't work with ANYONE out of competition, jealousy or to prove who's better. I work with people that are looking to get things done - just like me!

I don't look at titles and all of that nonsense. I've had big titles in my career. At the end of the day, we're all just working to get things done, and done right. Once people begin the thought process of thinking they have an upper hand or some sort of leg up on me, I just keep my eye on the prize, put metal to the peddle, and do what I do best - Make things happen!

However, once anyone in that environment begins to flex their proverbial muscles, thinking they'll raise their legs to mark their territory - it'll only be to their determine. I've survived this far in life - I can guarantee you - I'll survive any narcissistic individual(s).

In the last few businesses that I've worked with... there have been some real life demons manifested in human form, that were viscerally aching to the bone just being around me. Yes, at first, they're drawn to my light but simultaneously repelled by it too. We'll begin to work together and me being extremely malleable, flexible and open to hearing their opinions on certain portions of any given project - because I'm not insecure. They'll eventually begin taking my kindness for weakness and slowly but very surely, begin to say certain things in a certain way, until it becomes unprofessional.

It's at that moment that I truly take the opportunity to give them a very friendly warning. Once the poison begins permeating and becoming contagious with others in the company - it's very easy for me to simply leave that whole environment, being that the cancer is too far grown to fight it. My integrity is far too important for me to compromise by staying around a toxic company that really doesn't deserve me. Especially when I always come into any work environment with the intention to simply do what I happen to be very good at. Once their insecurities and inadequacies begin rearing their ugly head, it's my signal that these people aren't really up to my expectations of how a business should comport themselves.

So let's fast forward to today...

Waaaaaaaaay after walking away from all of that toxicity... can you believe that these company heads still have the time to cyber stalk me? I mean sheesh, talk about grudges. The grudge isn't really about me. The grudge is about how I had the audacity to walk away unbothered. You see, a narcissists kryptonite is an unbothered individual that knows their worth. Again - Integrity.

Fortunately, just like every criminal that has ever gotten caught; their passion for vengeance and their apatite for "ending" things "their" way gets the better of them, which causes them to slip. I mean, I know people that they know and I happen to be pretty smart as well. I keep catching these borderline lunatics' in the act. Which makes me scratch my head every time - wondering; why do they now care so much about a person they didn't show care to when they had the opportunity. An obvious facetious question... As I alluded to already... their power hungry narcissistic ways will NOT allow them to imagine ANYONE having the upper hand by simply knowing their worth and leaving with integrity.

As the title mentions, "Spying" becomes the thing they resort to, not realizing that some of my best friends come from the Cyber Security world and have already shown me who's spying. I could have been bad and expose the individual names here but then I would be just like them. However, I can't control what my supporters do with that information.

"So what's the morel of the story?"

At the end of the day... your integrity, while only comes with great intentions... does attract narcissists like moths to a flame. The very thing that you mean for good, they mean for evil. As a chosen man of God, vengeance is His, not mine. I just hate to see people suffer, although it happens to be their own karma.

keep your integrity - it's your super power!

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