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The Super Power Of Decisions 6 Anniversary Download

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6 years ago, I ventured off to author my first published book. It definitely wasn’t meant to be a Harry Potter, The Secret, Twilight, Hunger Games or 50 Shades of Gray type of book 😁 I just wanted to write some sort of a blueprint or guide or journal of some sorts, with regards to how one may also be able to change the circumstances of their lives (if they wanted to) by simply making the right decisions.

Everyone makes decisions; all day, every day, but I wanted to write down a simple method on how we ‘may’ have even finer control over those decisions by controlling certain things we do and don’t do every day, until we etch that path we’d like to not only TAKE… but be able to actually CREATE.

Whether you’ve already purchased the book before or not, I would be gratefully appreciative if you could Like & Share this post (for algorithm purposes) and help get this book into the hands of people that are truly looking to create their future.

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