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Where do you see yourself?

When you were younger, you would have a friend, sibling, cousin or even parents that supported your conversations about your dreams, visions, goals and aspirations. But once you got older and actually set sail to go accomplish those dreams… all of a sudden you’re the bad guy!

The world has created classes and have associated racism with classism, not fully knowing or understanding the seemingly similar qualities, yet extremely vast chasm that truly makes them so different.

We’ve been broken into classes since as far back as we can remember. Classism is a human trait that isn't inherently "good" or "bad" but is more ego-centric and toxic at its roots.

Most people don’t really know how to transmute translate or transfer their emotions or feelings in a productive way. Which is why translation through their actions come across looking harsh, unruly, obstinate or ignorant. And that incoherency that’s conveyed to one another only exasperates the already volatile matter in which the world finds itself.

For further confusion, separation matriculates and adds more stress, tension and distance between the real root issues at hand, which is essentially where "classism" lives and thrives on.

Classism in education, careers, geographical living, and yes… martial arts, are ALL the same - elevation of ones self by creating classes that have everyone else at the bottom and the "higher" class at the top.

We’ve been bread since childhood to believe what we what we believe. The problem and the solution lies in our own psychology and DNA. Know yourself and you'll be able to transcend beyond "classes" quite simply because you understand that there are no "classes" but only the human experience.

We’ve been told as children to not hang out with “those” people. You don’t want to be like “those” types of people. You can never be as rich, happy, strong, smart, sure, certain, lucky, privileged or fortunate like “those” people.

Racism can actually easily be fixed with a little humility and knowledge, so that ignorance can be removed and replaced by a heart of love and understanding. The understanding that no one human is better than another.

Classism is more ego driven and primarily the real poison in the world. Once we realize and see the clear absurdity of it all... we'll break free from classism and into a world of unity - united by love and our strengths & weaknesses.

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