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When a follower only knows how to follow and not lead... they would invariably get lost. Now we've all gotten physically, locationally lost... But I'm talking about spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically lost.

These are the people that have gotten so far from themselves; they literally have lost their identity; who they are. These people, like sheep, have gone astray; astray from themselves. They don't know they are.

Because they don't know who they are, they become sinister, twisted, manipulative, despondent, poisonous, toxic and everything that's dark. Their every waking hour, since they can't live with themselves, is to spew their insidiousness onto the world. Most of the time, to the ones that love them. It's any easy, weak, spineless and punk'ish way to approach it - but that's who they've become.

Love them or not... you MUST avoid giving into their contemptuous world. Your love and tolerance is their fuel. As much as it hurts you; you MUST remove or distance yourself from that narcissistic behavior in order for them to fail their way to being cured. SHOW LESS

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